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~ 2017 ~

The 2017 Christmas letter in .pdf: CLICK HERE

2017 was another good one! We started the year with Babydoll's "Barbie Car" ('93 Geo Metro [3cylinder/40mpg]) back from the Lindstrom's Auto Body ( - like new inside and outside; altogether spent about as much as the car originally cost on the restoration. Then the Easyriders Show in Sacramento, we both had our favorites... (click on any photo to go to the photo's web page)
... February is Almond Festival time in Capay Valley; great grandchild Willow's 1st birthday in March; spring road trip to Oregon and Jack's Eagle Court of Honor in April; officiate Joann and Jon's wedding in May; Jack's graduation and 10 days in Boulder Creek and Santa Cruz in June; cousin Bo's visit in July; Road Trip Bar & Grill's 8th Anniversary galacelebration at Cache Creek Casino and 4 days at Pinecrest Lake in August; a car show in September; visit orchards at Apple Hill for Babydoll's BIG 66 and the fall road trip to Oregon and the annual trip to the pumpkin patch on the coast with Tyler in October; in November another road trip - this time to Gerlach Nevada (100+ miles from nowhere, where the land speed record [Mach 1.02mph] was set 20 years ago) to visit Fly Geyser, and, participated in the Elk Grove Veterans Day Parade representing the John A. Sutter Chapter 1841 of E Clampus Vitus, and, revisit High Hill Ranch at Apple Hill... WHEW! What a year. Photos of all these events and more are available on our websites, some on and some on; click on "New Photos" for 2017 or "ALL PHOTOS" for 1945 to now on Rusl's website, click on "To seee a few photos... click here" on Sharon's website.

Sharon and I have been on a monitored diet and lost a lot of FAT and we spend our mornings working out at a gym, and I am back in a karate school again. Sharon underwent surgery, chemo therapy and radiation treatment last year (kicked her butt), so, Thanksgiving was in Boulder Creek, but she is steadily getting stronger all the time (and her hair is growing back just fine) and Thanksgiving was here this year. Izzy is 10 years old now, a little slow getting up but fast when she wants to be fast and well educated Penny at 5 years old in December is still just a BIG PUPPY and is regularly called on to assist in testing other dogs and training new canine instructors at PetsMart, check her out on one of Penny's web pages here:
And now... December, Christmas, and 2018 are just days away. Next year will have an exciting start for us in January with a week in Las Vegas to attend the Mecum Mid-America Motorcycle Auction as a bidder again (prices were waaay down this year, have my fingers crossed for next year) and take in other Las Vegas stuff. Well, hope all you all had a good year, have a great Christmas, and a better New Year!
We wish all y'all
  a Very Merry
    Christmas and
      a Very Happy
        New Year!
          Izzy & Penny 

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